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I want the GPO to apply only to the Terminal Server and not to the customer personal laptops/pcs. When I link the GPO to the Terminal Server OU, then nothing happens. If I were to link the GPO to the User OU, then it would mess with their printers as they probably have installed those printers manually so far, making those printers appear twice Configured it as a member server in the it-worxx.lab domain. Installing the Remote Desktop Services Roles. Log on to the Domain Controller, and in Server Manager right-click the All Servers node and add the second server using the Add Servers command (or select the All Servers node, click Manage and click Add Servers) A valid scenario: Create 2 GPOs at top level (Users OU, clients OU) wich contain a) Security settings (all of them in 1 GPO) b) Misc UI settings (all of them in 1 GPO) The distinct security settings GPO will enable you to report on current security easily to whoever might request such a report. These GPOs are not expected to change often

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For Windows Server 2019 RDSH, don't enable FSLogix Search Roaming since Windows 2019 has per-user Search that puts the Search Index in the user's profile. However, many people have reported problems with Windows 2019 Search. It might be possible to disable the new per-user search and instead enable FSLogix search roaming. See CTX270433 Outlook Search Indexing Fails on Windows Server 2019. In dieser Anleitung zeige ich dir wie du einen Windows Server 2019 Terminal Server installierst und richtig einrichtest. Voraussetzungen. Du benötigst mindestens zwei Server, einer davon ist eine Active Directory und der andere ein frisch installierter Windows Server 2019, welche sich gegenseitig über das Netzwerk erreichen. Vergib deinem frisch installierten Windows Server eine feste IP Adresse und füge ihn deiner Domäne hinzu

As such, a best practice is to prevent higher-layer accounts connecting to lower-layer devices. For example, you shouldn't use an account with Domain Admin permissions to connect to standard servers and especially not to user workstations. You don't need Domain Admin permissions to help a user fix his Outlook. If such a station is already compromised, you are giving away your Domain Admin credentials Group Policy Best Practices If you want to configure Group Policy to Microsoft's recommended settings, download the Security Compliance Toolkit. It contains security baselines for all supported versions of Windows, which you can use as the basis for your own Group Policy objects, and spreadsheets that list and explain all the recommended settings Role placement in standard deployment can be like this if you want to minimize servers: RDCB on one server. RDG and RDWA can be on one server. RDSH on one. Licensing role can be placed on every server because it is not using many resources but it may be good to place it on a domain controller. You want that this role is always available so placing it on a dc may be a good choice. You can put it on broker as well Best practices. Use Windows Server 2019 for your Remote Desktop infrastructure (the Web Access, Gateway, Connection Broker, and license server). Windows Server 2019 is backward-compatible with these components, which means a Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2012 R2 RD Session Host can connect to a 2019 RD Connection Broker, but not the other way around Best practice with a terminal server is an automated reboot at least weekly. As previously mentioned, 2am or 3am on a Monday morning (Sunday night) is typically a good time to do it. Let everyone know it's going to happen and be prepared to tell them it's their tough luck if they left a session running with unsaved work

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Updated 2020-04-27 This search portion of this guide does not apply to Server 2019 since it should roam the Windows search out of the box . However, you can still configure FSLogix to store Office 365 data. In my experience it is best to avoid mixing FSLogix and UPDs. My recommendation is to go with FSLogix Profiles and FSLogix ODFC. If you have dealt with User Profile Disks and Office 365. Vorbereitungen. Zunächst müsst ihr natürlich mit dem Deployment Tool Eurer Wahl (z.B. Microsoft System Center ConfigMgr, MDT o.Ä.), per GPO oder halt auch manuell Google Chrome for Business (als MSI) auf den Rechnern Eurer Endanwender verteilt haben.. Des Weiteren werden die notwendigen Policy-Vorlagen benötigt, die Google sowohl im ADM- als auch im ADMX-Format zum Download bereitstellt

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So what is the main issue with using Terminal Servers and Office365? The Distance. This is the headline for a blogpost on Citrix blogs about XenApp best pratices. So how to fix this when we have our clients on one side, the infrastructure in another and the Office365 in a different region ? Seperated with long miles and still try to deliver the best experience for the end-user, so In some. www.server-essentials.com is founded by Mariette Knap, a Dutch Microsoft MVP. www.server-essentials.com is a community for IT Consultants and Business Owners who, themselves, take care of the IT infrastructure and Employees who do that little extra in the company to keep things running. Our forum is for discussing all things 'IT' and more. Our documentation is top notch and written by and. On a Microsoft Windows Server with the Active Directory role installed, open the Group Policy Management . Step #2. Create a new GPO and give it a name. Then link it to an OU that contains user accounts because Group Policy drive mapping is a user configuration preference. You can also select an option - create a GPO in this domain and link it here, after that use item-level targeting option. 5.2. Klicken Sie auf den Button Add to Group, um den Lizenzserver zu der Gruppe Terminal Server License Servers hinzuzufügen. 5.3. Continue. Sie werden informiert, dass die Domain Admin Rechte notwendig sind. 5.4. Die untere Meldung zeigt, dass der Vorgang erfolgreich war. 5.5. Klicken Sie auf OK. 5.6. Error: The License code is not recognized.

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  1. Implementing security best practices does not mean that your systems do not have any vulnerability. But, it gives a sense of security that your system will not be easily compromised and it least will perform better when it has to fight against well-known threats and risks. A list of frequently used Windows server security best practices has been given below. You do not require any special.
  2. istrative Templates - Windows Components - Remote Desktop Services - Remote Desktop Session Host - Licensing; Double click Use the specified.
  3. Deploy Printers Using GPO. So, this time we will take a look at how to deploy shared network printer connections to users from a specific OU of Active Directory by using Group Policy. In this case, we will use a dedicated host running Windows Server 2012 R2 as a network print server

I have 3 servers with 2012 R2 RDS Session Host, where my users log on. I have 4 printers. What is best practice to deploy these 4 printers to my users?... Using GPO shared printers or Deploy Pri.. That's it! As soon as you click Apply, the new settings will be saved: from now on, all newly-initialized Remote Desktop session will be disconnected after the given amount of time.On top of that, the remote connected users will also have the chance to see the following alert popup, so that they will know what's about to happen and they'll have the chance to prevent the disconnection.

If you have a Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services infrastructure, you will likely want to lock down the Sessions Hosts. Below are some of the useful Group Policies that we suggest you apply. Note that Server 2012 and Server 2016 have the option to use something very important for security named USER PROFILE DISKS. A User Profile Disk is a VHDX. Terminal Server 2016 Startmenü Ein- Aus abmelden statt trennen. gelöst Frage Microsoft Windows Server. t99pro (Level 1) - Jetzt verbinden. 07.11.2019 um 23:50 Uhr, 5831 Aufrufe, 12 Kommentare. Hallo, wie bekomme ich unter 2016 die Trennen Option aus dem Ein / Aus Button und ggf ein Abmelden dafür hin? Ich habe sämtliche GPO durchforstet und getestet es bleibt einfach wie es ist Wäre für. I created a Terminal Server OU in AD and placed the GPO policies on that OU. I locked it down tighter than a drum for any user. Then, when you wish to adminster the server you move it back to the. Every Windows OS comes with a native firewall as the basic protection against malicious programs.Windows Firewall controls the incoming and outgoing traffic from and to the local system based on the criteria defined in the rules. The criteria can be program name, protocol, port, or IP address. In a domain environment, administrator can centrally configure Windows Firewall rule using Group Policy In short, we'll describe a way to migrate applications, databases, user profiles, shares, data from any server to a new Server 2019 / 2016 (even 2003 to 2019 / 2016 is support, with compatibility considerations of course). We will also cover role migration best practices and tutorials

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Remote Desktop Services Security Risks & Best Practices You Should Know RDS Free Training Module 1 : Security Risks & Best Practices By Hicham KADIRI January 12, 2019 A K&K Group Company 2. Contoso Ltd. About me Microsoft MVP • Windows Expert-IT Pro (2014-2015) • Cloud and Datacenter Management (2016) • Enterprise Mobility /RDS (2017) • CDCM /Azure (2018) Founder @BecomeITExpert.com Co. As GPO updates every 90 minutes, you can force this update to take effect by running the command gpudate /force . More information on this process can be found in Configure Automatic Updates using Group Policy . Windows Update Service From the local machine, open services.msc, find the Windows Update service, right-click and go to Properties. Stop the service first. Set the Startup type to. Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2/2016/2019 also provide Network Level Authentication (NLA) by default. It is best to leave this in place, as NLA provides an extra level of authentication before a connection is established. You should only configure Remote Desktop servers to allow connections without NLA if you use Remote Desktop clients on other platforms that don't support it. NLA should be. This section is missing in modern versions of Windows 10/Windows Server 2016/2019. On the latest Windows versions, you must use Group Policy Preferences (GPP) to configure IE and proxy settings in the GPO Editor. There is also the option of using a special extension of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 11 (IEAK 11) - but it is rarely used. Open the domain GPO Editor console (Group Policy. The deployment 'how to' technet articles were functional, but a best practice guide is just what we needed. Thank you!! 2 Likes . Reply. Sonia Cuff . replied to Chris Hopkins ‎Oct 08 2016 01:30 AM. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute ; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎Oct 08 2016 01:30 AM. Re: Introducing the Preferred Practices.

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  1. Windows Server 2019 Standard and which you can configure Profile Management. To configure Profile Management, use HDX policies in Citrix Studio, or a GPO in Active Directory. You can also configure Profile Management using Workspace Environment Management. We recommend that you choose only one of the three locations to configure Profile Management. Watch this video to learn more.
  2. Windows Search Service must be started and set to automatic for this feature. Delayed start should not be enabled. The Citrix Provisioning Server Optimization tool disables the Windows Search Service and should therefore be reactivated via GPO. This option should not be used on Windows Server 2019 operating systems, as this can lead to errors
  3. istrator or Domain Ad
  4. groups as well when I do a resultant set of policy. This is even when I am explicitly denying 'Apply Policy' in the Delegation screen for Domain/Enterprise Ad

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Windows Server 2019 ist seit 2. Oktober 2018 und nach einem durch ein fehlerhaftes Update bedingten Auslieferungsstopp nun seit 13. November 2018 erhältlich. Dennoch ist Windows Server 2016 aktuell noch flächendeckend im Einsatz und wird es vermutlich auch noch eine Weile bleiben. Doch sowohl beim Einsatz dieser Serverlösung als auch bei der Planung eines neuen Servers sollte stets. Top 10 Office 365 Best Practices Every Admin Should Know. Published: May 2, 2019 ; Published in: Office 365 & SharePoint Online; Author: Toni Frankola; Your IT provider hooked you up with Office 365, but you're not sure everything is set up as it should be. Here are the top 10 Office 365 best practices every Office 365 administrator should know Other best practices on using Office 365 ProPlus on Virtual Desktops. Single sign-on (SSO) recommended: SSO delivers a better user experience and reduces the number of times a user is prompted to sign in for activation. With SSO configured, Office activates with the credentials the user uses to sign in to Windows if the user is also licensed.

In my previous article In this article Best Practice: Unlike computer GPO's it far more acceptable to apply the same user GPO's to your users when logging on to the Terminal Server as the GPO are applied to the User Object rather than the computer account. Using the same policy means that any changes made to the user policies will automatically apply to terminal servers without the. This guide describes how to use VMware Horizon 7 to deliver Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to your end users quickly and efficiently. It explores the use of Microsoft Office 365 in a VMware Horizon 7 environment, and provides tips and best practices that can improve performance and application manageability Author RiptideHosting Posted on October 9, 2015 October 18, 2019 Categories All Posts, Remote Desktop Hosting, Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012 R2 Tags remote desktop hosting, Server Hosting, terminal server hosting, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012R2 Post navigatio Exactly for this scenario I would like to show you a best practice guide, because there is a lot to consider when using FSLogix profile container in a Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp) PVS environment. But if you do it right, you will have a lot of added value and in the end, even a completely high available Citrix environment (I assume that your PVS and DDC servers are redundant and that you are.

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This search portion of this guide does not apply to Server 2019 since it should roam the Windows search out of the box. However, you can still configure FSLogix to store Office 365 data. In my experience it is best to avoid mixing FSLogix and UPDs. My recommendation is to go with FSLogix Profiles and FSLogix ODFC. If you have dealt with User Profile Disks and Office 365 then you might know. After the migration to Server 2019 their office was complaining about slow network performance. Running network speed tests we were getting 500-700mb write but only 70-90mb read speeds. After banging our heads on it for a couple days, I went down a Google rabbit hole and ended up finding the cause was RSC (Received Segment Coalescing) being enabled on the vSwitch. After disabling RSC on the. In this article, you are going to learn how to configure Folder Redirection and Roaming profile.. Usually, System Administrators use in these possibilities on Terminal Servers, roaming profile is roaming the user profile from server to server it means if today you log on to TS01 and then you logged on to TS02 all your profile will roaming to TS02 smoothly Server 2016, Server 2019 . User Store erstellen. Erstellen Sie einen freigegebenen Ordner und konfigurieren Sie die NTFS-Berechtigung. 1.1. Ordner auswählen > rechte Maustaste Eigenschaften > Registerkarte Freigabe (Sharing) > Erweiterte Freigabe (Advanced Sharing) > Diesen Ordner freigeben (Haken setzen) > Freigabename definieren > Wenn Sie den Ordner verstecken wollen, schreiben Sie das.

You want to use the best practices to configure your system to protect against ransomware malware; Details . Ransomware is malware that can lock a device or encrypt its contents to extort money from the owner in return for restoring access to those resources. This kind of malware can also have a built-in timer with a payment deadline that must be met; otherwise, the price for unlocking the. Active Directory based on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and higher, as well as Windows Server 2008, allows Terminal Services mandatory profiles to be configured as a GPO. Folder Redirection policies can be used with mandatory or roaming profiles to maintain a centralized location for specific folders and is generally recommended to exclude that data from the user profile Best practices when working with User Profile Disks. Given that a user will have a UPD respective to each collection, each collection will therefore require respective file shares. It's advisable to name each file share according to the collection with which it is associated. Leverage the benefits of new file server technology in Server 2012 R2 - Scale Out File Server (SOFS) + SOFS differs.

This article reviews some of the best practices that can be used to disable a user account if a wrong password is issued within a specified period. Here are some of the best practices for Active Directory account lockout, as used in a typical Windows environment. 1. Create an Account Lockout Policy. You need to create a lockout policy GPO that can be edited through the following path: Computer. March 29, 2019 ; Reading Time: 3 minutes. Share: Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. When setting up a Windows 2016 RDS (Remote Desktop Server), there are a few GPO (Group Policy Object) settings I commonly define for all deployments. This group of settings helps make it difficult for users to get into administrative applications, improve performance, and generally keep. When configuring RDS licensing parameters for RD session hosts via GPO, you need to create a new GPO and link it to the OU with RDS servers (or you can specify the name of the RDS licensing server using the local Group Policy editor - gpedit.msc). The RD licensing settings are located in the following GPO section: Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components.

Learn how to optimize performance on your RDSH applications and desktops by following the best practices listed in this guide; some of these include general vSphere, ESXi host sizing, RDSH configuration, Horizon 7, and many more. Also includes best practices for using the VM Hosted Applications feature for desktop application publishing With Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft introduced a feature in Active Directory Domain Services called the Protected Users group. You can use it to limit the availability of outdated authentication protocols, weak encryption algorithms and delegation to sensitive user accounts. Interesting stuff, but I feel there's some things you should know about [ One best practice is to use a fast network share that is available to all servers to host SmartSync for all Citrix users. This ensures users are managing SmartSync copies from the same location regardless of the server they are currently assigned. Each user should be assigned a unique path on the network share

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Update the GPO. The settings are all done, now we need to update the GPO. Launch the command prompt and type. gpupdate /forge. This is to update the policy to make it effective. When prompting to log off, type N as we do not to log off from the server. Testing. Test by logging into a computer with a domain credentials. Verify that all the settings stay on the server. If you have a compuer already on the domain and logged in, remember to restart it and also perform a gpupdate /force on it This is a collection of post that I have written that I believe represent Best Practices. These are only to be used as a guideline for configuring your environment and you should always consider your requirements first before implementing these ideas. How to stop local administrators from bypassing Group Polic

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Gruppenrichtlinien sind eines der leistungsfähigsten, aber auch komplexesten Werkzeuge für die Verwaltung von Clients und Servern in Windows-Umgebungen. Wenn man sich aber an einige Grundregeln hält, kann man mit Gruppenrichtlinien sehr effizient arbeiten. - Seite To do this, create a new GPO and assign it to the OU with computers. In the GPO Editor go to the following section Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Windows Time Service > Time Providers and enable the policy Configure Windows NTP Client. As an NTP server specify the name or IP address of the PDC: lon-dc1.adatum.com,0x The best practice is to separate the policy object for legacy computers. Another handy tip, administrator can simply import firewall rules created in other Windows computer to the Group Policy instead of re-creating it one by one

One of the tasks is to control the logon hours, due to some users being temp workers and others working night or day. I can simply go into each user and call it a day, but I would never do that in production... I found this: http://kb.delborrell.net/2018/06/22/deploy-logon-hours-via-powershell/ We are using the Storage Migration Service to migrate several servers from 2K8 R2 to 2019 and running into some issues during the various parts of the Cutover phase. This particular post deals with the Rename and Reboot step of the Cutover phase

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It's the best power plan option chosen by most of the users. To disable the power saving option, follow the steps listed below. Via Local Group Policy: To Disable this via Group Policy Object (GPO), please follow the following steps as shown below. - Launch Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) - Navigate to Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - Power. As you may know, Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition no longer has the Essentials role available and the Essentials Edition of 2019 no longer has any of the features small businesses relied on. All the below are gone as of Server 2019: Remote Web Access. This was to allow staff remote in to their office PC or browse files on the server share via a URL https:// remote.. Active Directory Service Accounts Best Practices. Keep access limited. Ensure you only allocate AD service accounts the minimum privileges they require for the tasks they need to carry out, and don't give them any more access than is necessary. In many cases you can remove the functionality for remote access, terminal service , internet access, and remote control rights That article has generated a lot of questions about improving logon times, making management easier, and general best practices. Today, we are going to tackle each of those questions and establish some best practices for Group Policy Printer Preferences. Note:If you still have a question after this, be sure to leave a comment and I will add it to this list! Should I use Computer or User side. From the local machine, open services.msc, find the Windows Update service, right-click and go to Properties. Stop the service first. Set the Startup type to Manual and then click Apply/OK to save the change. From GPO, go to Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > System Services. Find Windows Updates in the list, double-click to enter the configuration window. Check

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Für den Terminalserver eine GPO erstellen mit Loopback-Verarbeitung in der Computerkonfiguration. In gleicher Gruppenrichtlinie so verfahren wie oben angegeben. Dann in den erweiterten Einstellungen der Gruppenrichtlinie festlegen, dass für bspw. Domain-Admin oder weitere Benutzer die GPO zwar gelesen, aber nicht verarbeitet wird. Ist ganz unten ein Haken in den Einstellungen, wo VERWEIGERT angegeben werden muss BO

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Best Practice for applying Settings to Users only when they log on to Terminal Servers would be to: Create an OU to contain a set of Terminal Servers; Block Policy Inheritance on the OU (Properties -> Group Policy). This prevents settings from higher-up in AD from affecting your Terminal Servers. Move the Terminal Server Computer Objects into the OU. Do NOT place User Accounts in this OU This lack of identity verification allows a malicious person, by deploying other nefarious activities, to intercept all communications sent between a client and a Terminal Server. The likelihood of this type of attack depends on a hacker's ability to control connections between the client and the Terminal Server. Typically, this requires the criminal to perform other attacks such as ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing or DNS (Domain Name System) spoofing, which redirect connections.

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After you installed the Failover-Clustering feature, you can bring the shared disk online and format it on one of the servers. Don't change anything on the second server. On the second server, the disk stays offline. After a refresh of the disk management, you can see something similar to this: Server 1 Disk Management (disk status online At a minimum, we need to configure these three policies for WSUS server. Link the GPO to the OU containing computer accounts. Steps to link the WSUS GPO to OU: For this article, we have created one OU name TestServerAccounts. Under the OU we have stored the computer account of our member server WS2K19-SRV01. For testing purposes, we will link the GPO to this OU and check the result on the.

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On the new Server 2019 / 2016, choose the Target computer option. WinServ will automatically detect the source server. Alternatively, if the servers are on different networks, you can manually specify the source server's IP address. If you'd like to select exactly what you want to transfer, press the Advanced menu. If you just want to transfer everything, you don't need to go to the Advanced menu ESXi Host Best Practices for Exchange A well-designed VMware vSphere hypervisor platform is crucial to the successful implementation of virtualized enterprise applications such as Exchange Server. The following sections outline general best practices for designing vSphere for Exchange Server 2019. 2.1 CPU Configuration Guideline Top 6 features in Windows Server 2019 A preview of Windows Server 2019 adds features for hyperconvergence, management, security, containers and more The main architecture areas such as Namespace or Database availability group and database designs follow the best practices as mentioned in previous PAs. However they also include additional useful advice for Exchange Server 2019 and all earlier versions do not support the use of the Cloud Witness feature, first introduced in Windows Server 2016 Failover Cluster. If you plan to migrate to.

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Harden your Windows Server 2019 servers or server templates incrementally. Implement one hardening aspect at a time and then test all server and application functionality. Your cadence should be to harden, test, harden, test, etc. Mistakes to avoid. Reducing the surface area of vulnerability is the goal of operating system hardening. Keeping the area as small as possible means avoiding common bad practices As the Windows Servers running Azure AD Connect are part of Active Directory Domain Services, the best way to disable the unnecessary Windows Services is through Group Policy. Follow these steps: Sign in with an account that is a member of the Domain Admins group, or with an account that is delegated to create and link Group Policy objects (GPOs) to Organizational Units (OUs) GPO loopback processing is a mechanism that allows user policy to takes effect only on certain computers. Normally, user policy is linked to the user OU and will be applied regardless of which computer the user is signed in. However in this case, user policy is linked to the computer OU and will not takes effect to the user when signed in to computers outside this OU Not every solution requires high available storage. But that doesn't mean that it can afford to lose data and not know about it. For those use cases we have been urging Microsoft to add functionality to SMB 3 that gives us the option not to leverage any OS caching. That option has come in Windows Server 2019. Let's take a look at that and. Just thought I'd comment here cause this was a useful jumpstart read for me. I was trying to get separate wallpaper GPOs accomplished on Windows Server 2019 boxes and Server 2019 is classified as version 10.0 just like Server 2016. Thanks Microsoft (*internal screaming*) So, after a visit to Reddit, this is what we came up with This article describes some basic Group Polices to get you started configuring RDS Server. Preparation. Create OU for RDS Server in Active Directory. Create security group for users who will use Remote Desktop Host (i.e. RDS Users). Create GPO (i.e. RDS Server Lock Down). In Security Filtering delete Authenticated Users, add RDS Server Computer Account, and the security group created in previous step

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